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3 Things New Parents Need to Do

Last October my wife and I had our first child. What a crazy, awesome time it has been since then! However, I began thinking about what happens if I die tomorrow? Will I have left my family in a stable financial situation?

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Why Do I Need a Will and How Do I Make One?

I was wrapping up a real estate closing with a client when he asked me, “Why do I need a will?” This was not the first time I had been asked this question. In fact, I remember the first time someone had asked me this question. I was just starting my career at my first firm.

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Living Wills: The Importance of End-Of-Life Guidance

COVID-19, civil unrest, and Presidential elections have dominated the news cycle and the minds of many Pennsylvania citizens. However, there is one topic that is seeing an increase in consideration by many amidst the several issues pressing this nation. That topic is living wills.

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