Crafting a Plan to Protect You & Your Family’s Future

Our estate planning attorney at McKelvey Law Offices, LLC in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, is committed to building an estate plan that fits your specific needs. Contact our firm for all estate planning matters. We will walk you through the entire process with your best interests in mind.  

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How McKelvey Law Offices, LLC Can Help You

"Personalized Legal Counsel"

Whether you have a small or large estate, it is important to plan for life’s uncertainties. Our attorney at the McKelvey Law Offices, LLC is focused on helping those who are beginning their career, starting a family, or reaching their golden years in Charleroi, Pennsylvania. Using our knowledge, compassion, and resources, we can craft an estate plan that caters to your circumstances.   


A will is a common estate planning tool that establishes specific intentions for when you pass. Determining who will recieve your assets and care for your children is critical. Anyone 18 and older can craft a will to provide security for their family.

Powers of Attorney  

A power of attorney is useful should the unthinkable happens and you become unable to make critical medical and financial decisions. The person you appoint in this document will be able to act on your behalf, so it’s important to choose wisely. 


A trust is a legal document used to supplement or substitute for a will. In contrast to a will, a trust avoids probate, saving time and costs. Trusts are not for everyone. It is important to know what fits your speific needs and an attorney can help.  

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Our Empathetic & Faith-Based Approach Will Make You Feel Like a Valued Member of the Community

Discussing an estate plan can be an emotional matter, which is why our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. At McKelvey Law Offices, LLC, personal relationships mean everything. Our team enjoys and prioritizes taking time to get to know you as a person.  

We'll listen to your needs so that we can understand your unique situation and recommend your options accordingly. Our estate planning attorney will educate you about the legal process, help you gather important documentation, and determine the best path for you and your loved ones. 

Christian faith is the foundation of our practice. We believe that man was created to bring glory to God and live in relationship with him. Our mission is to incorporate God into our workplace each day as we take a genuine interest in our clients, understanding that each client has unique needs and objectives. 

At McKelvey Law Offices, LLC, we plan to make our clients feel like they are an essential part of the community. We believe in offering every Pennsylvania resident a personalized service that continues long after our legal interaction has ended. If you live in or near Charleroi, Pennsylvania, give us a call today.