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Sarah Butterworth

Legal Assistant

Sarah Butterworth is a legal assistant with McKelvey Law Offices, LLC. Prior to working for McKelvey Law, Sarah worked as a public schoolteacher for 5 years in Texas, teaching reading and writing. Additionally, Sarah taught English as a second language where she enjoyed having one-on-one interactions with a diverse range of leaners. In her time as a teacher, she volunteered often in her community which led to working with a variety of family dynamics.  

“At Mckelvey Law, we understand that every family situation is unique. We strive to help your family navigate through legal processes with your specific needs in mind.” 

In her free time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her daughter, doing renovation projects with her husband, reading, and baking. Sarah is originally from south of Pittsburgh. After graduating from Geneva College with a BA in Middle School Education, she moved to Fort Worth, Texas. She now resides in Johnstown with her family.